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452 Tech Maintenance Service Plans

Our 452 Tech Service Plans will give you peace of mind.

Our technicians provide services virtually on auto-pilot.
Please take the time to read all about it below.

Why play with fire? 

Whether you a homeowner, business owner, have rental property or are a property manager, major emergencies can pose a real risk.  These risks can be in your home, affect your bottom line, your employees, customers, residents. These risks can also reflect poorly on your reputation. We have Maintenance Agreement Plans for Homeowners, Businesses and Property Managers. Plans range from monthly maintenance to semi-annual visits


Things break, wear out, and get old. Think of our monthly service plan like it's your personal risk-management program. Proactive maintenance can help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of sudden (but inevitable!) repairs for your home, business or rental property.




  • Peace of Mind

If you are on a semi-annual agreement (Spring and Fall) 452 Tech Services initiates the call to schedule your preventative and corrective maintenance.

If you are on a monthly agreement 452 Tech Services will automatically visit the property monthly.

  • Maintains Home Value

Halting any deterioration of your property will maintain the value.

  • Improved Quality of Life

A well-maintained home is more energy-efficient, less likely to have mold and mildew buildup and less chance to cause illnesses for its inhabitants.

  • Preferred VIP Service 

As a preferred client, you will enjoy reduced costs for needed repairs and priority service over non-members.

Terms -

The maintenance plan length and price varies by type and the agreed work details and covers one full yearly cycle.

Semi-annual plans (Spring - Fall or Summer - Winter) includes 2 visits in a 12 month period. (any additional materials needed are not included in price)

Annual plans (Winter - Spring - Summer - Fall) includes 4 visits in a 12 month period. (any additional materials needed are not included in price)

Monthly plans include 1 to 2 visits per month depending on the property. (any additional materials needed are not included in price)

All plans are custom priced per customer needs based on the options selected and can be broken down in monthly payments.
Plans start as low as $50 a month.

Maintenance Service Plan Options include The Following Services:



Gutter repair/cleaning

Power wash surfaces/decks/fences

Caulk windows/doors

Weather strip doors/windows

Trim or adjust doors

Adjust/lube exterior doors/locks

Siding/trim caulk/repair

Repair decks/stoops/pergolas

Sliding door lube/adjust

Check yard lighting

Installation of grab bars

Fall/Spring/yard cleanup

Fence/gate repair/adjustment

Light carpentry

Exterior house/deck painting

Deck staining/sealing

Window Washing


Replace light bulbs

Smoke/co detectors/battery replacement

Secure wood trim

Minor wall/ceiling repairs

Caulk windows/doors

Weather strip doors/windows

Install Insulation

Trim or adjust doors

Door handle replacement

Adjust/lube exterior doors/locks

Tighten knobs/hinges

Install grab bars/towel bars

Hang pictures and mirrors

Patch small holes in drywall

Baseboard repair

Light carpentry

Room/wall/ceiling painting

Lubricate garage door

Window Washing


Plumbing fixtures repaired

Secure cabinet hardware

Vacuum refrigerator coils

Water filter replacement

Tile/shower caulking

Tighten knobs/hinges

Install grab bars/towel bars

Leaking faucets/leaking toilet repair

Garbage disposal repair/installation

Drain/clean water heater

Light carpentry

Window Washing

Touch up painting

Hang pictures and mirrors


Install emergency escape ladder

Clean dryer vent

AC/furnace filter replacement

Window A/C installation

Therm-o-stat battery replacement

Appliance/hose connections installation

Window screens repaired/replaced

Sprinkler heads replaced

Gas grill propane tanks replaced

We can assemble anything you buy

Computer repair/component installation

Install handicap accessories

Check fire extinguishers

Install anti-intrusion devices

Garage door seal installation

Security door installation

Pet door installation